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AZXC ToTY 2018 Poll/ Congrats Thupertrooper (Victor)

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
January - Rubio480

February - Thupertrooper (Victor)

March - xterra07

April - Jayrat

May - Jayrat

June - xterra07

July - AZGeorge

August - xterra07

September - Thupertrooper (Victor)

October - Tifun

November - xterra07

December - Thupertrooper (Victor)

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Only 11 votes for ToTY. Voting closes tomorrow.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Congrats to Thupertrooper (Victor) for winning 2018 Truck of the Month. Its hard to beat this rig at anything.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Woohoo. Thank you guys this picture is the first time truely camping while snowing. An experience for sure.



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