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Not even a year old and the X was rear ended by someone not paying attention >:(.  Nothing major, just some minor damage to plastic, but not sure about underneath.   May be a good time to mod the rear, thoughts?

I have a Schrock tire swing away bumber. I was rear ended by a Dodge Caliber. It folded up her hood. The only thing I got was paint transfer from her car to my bumper and license plate mount. She didn't even scratch the powder coating. Too bad though, I could have destroyed her radiator to teach her a real lesson had I left my towing hitch on, rather than the Shackle hitch. I should have someone weld a big spike on the end of my hitch, so it will really hurt when I get rearended again. I've been rearended twice in 3 years, when I was stopped at a light or in traffic. The person prior to that was in a truck and just bounced off the spare tire, no damage at all.

Received a call from her agent yesterday that they are accepting liability, and will  just cut me a check for repairs. Just need to get a couple of estimates after work today and compare to their adjusters estimates.

Any recommendations for a good body shop in the East Valley?

Ummm.... First Class Auto Body in in Scottsdale. Onix manages the place, the owner (Dave) is a all-around good guy, and they let us have our meetings there. It might be sacreligious to NOT go there....just sayin'  :-\

Only place I'd ever go for body/collision repair (hopefully I never have to).  ;)

Located @ Civic Center & Thomas in South Scottsdale.

Agreed.  Go to First Class.


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