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April Xcursion - April 24th - Wickenburg Mountains

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LATEST INFO: Lets meet at Cracker Barrel off of Glendale and Loop 101 for quick coffee and/or breakfast at about 7am and roll out at 8am. All the West-West siders can meet us along the way on Grand Ave. Bring stuff for lunch.

Open thread to vote on poll.

So, we need to move fast!!! What do you guys wanna do for April Xcursion!!!

I took the top results from both the Future Activities Poll and Future Xcursions Poll and created the poll above.

I have some emails out there for some volunteer ideas, so lets see what they say. I'll let you all know if/as they respond. So if the vote comes back as Volunteer being the highest, then hopefully we can line something up. More on this later.

And if you guys want to do Ghost Towns... you know I'll show you guys a good time  ;)

Poll closes quick! You've got 14 days, closes on April 8th, highest vote wins.

Ghost towns do sound like fun!

I will for sure be able to make this one. I missed the last one because I had to work the Air Show all weekend long!

Keep the voting going on this... (open up the thread to see the poll and vote)  ;)

I said ghost towns... cause they're old and good photo opps... and I'm still waiting to see Slimer

Oh no... looks like we may have a three way tie so far.  :o


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