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April Xcursion - April 24th - Wickenburg Mountains

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Ghost Town is the one! I can be there for my first trip out with the boys and girls!


Ghost towns it is! Wickenburg Mountains Trail.

Lets meet at Cracker Barrel off of Glendale and Loop 101 for quick coffee and/or breakfast at about 7am and roll out at 8am. All the West-West siders can meet us along the way on Grand Ave. Bring stuff for lunch.

Load up your GPS's with caches along the trail and we'll check them out too. (BTW, There is a cache in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel).

If I don't have your cell number for texting yet, please PM it to me incase there are any last minute changes.

I have played a lot up in this area, though I have not done this trial yet. This is a very popular trial and a Google search will give ya a lot of info... lots of trial pics out there.

Here is a thread on the trail from the VJC back in 2006 with pics

Here is another write up on it:

Looks like some cool scenery but a few sites say 4-wheel is a must deeper into the trail...  fail... oh well, catch the next one.

hopefully I can wake up early enough to make this trip

This will be my first trip with the club. Could any tell me if extra fuel is needed?   I sure there is not a Am Pm market on every hill top!

Plus any gear that might br recommened by any of you folks that has been on this run?  I really do not know what to expect?

Remember where I am from (Fl) a over pass is consider a hill!

PS:   Where the beach and local surf shop (Ron Jon's Coco Beach) ???


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