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Meeting - April 9th, Macayo's in Mesa 7pm

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Wow, did this creep up fast:

April club meeting will be at the Macayo's Patio in Mesa on April 9th (Dobson and Baseline).

Let's put the meeting at 7pm. But show early if you like... get your order in before 7pm, you can get half-off appetizers and discounts on drinks.

You can have dinner, munch on chips and salsa and/or have adult beverages (so this fits in everyones budget).

We have nothing of major importance to talk about other than hanging out and catching up. But I will take suggestions for subjects for agenda. One thing I would like to do is make sure we have everyone's contact info and paper work up to date.

So... West Siders: This is a trip in to unfamiliar land... bring water and supplies.  ;)

And one more thing... if you'd like to have a DD... don't be shy, post it up! I'm sure that someone would be happy to help out!

I'll be there with my dues.  $25, right?  For an agenda item, we could talk about the next few months' Xcursions / Meetings.

I am going to try and make this one! I live in Tucson but I will drive up for the meeting. I haven't made it to a meeting and I missed the last forward to meeting everyone!

Wow AZLostie! That's a huge drive! But it would be great to see ya!

I'm out.  :'( I will be too doped up on pain meds after knee surgery... ;D


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