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Open invite to all AZXC:
Running the backway up this Saturday the 17th & camping overnight. Planning to run it back down Sunday morning. Lindsey will be driving (our 2nd Gen) up the main road later Saturday (with our camping gear) if anyone wants to go that route.

Meeting: The ususal Chevron
Time:  TBD - stay tuned
Trail rating: This trail changes frequently. I've run it where it would garner a 2.5 rating & I've run it where it would be a 3.5.  A lot of the upper boulder section has been graded smooth recently & there is only 1 or two technical spots left.

I would suggest minimum requirements would be some suspension lift & aggressive 33" tires.

Camping will be @ Horsethief Lake. We'll head back down the hill Sunday afternoon. High's in the 70's, Low's in the 40's.

FYI: crown king is not passable due to the heavy rains . Unless someone has made a new road good luck.


--- Quote from: Onix on April 12, 2010, 12:56:55 PM ---FYI: crown king is not passable due to the heavy rains . Unless someone has made a new road good luck.

--- End quote ---

So I'll put you down as a probable for this run??? I appreciate the info, but where'd ya get it from?

Looks like 'someone' has made a new road, so no 'luck' needed:

It is also 'passable' according to the General Store folks:

In any case, there will be a couple trucks going in the main road if anyone is interested in camping up near Horsethief Lake.  ::) Would be great to have some AZXC along. Bring fishing poles & kayaks if ya got 'em.

Virtual jeep and 4x4 Ham club. Good to here it is open now.

yeah, I went out there shortly after all the rain storms in February.  It was completely different than last year.  I took the first 3 bypasses, but then had to turn around as the ground was getting softer (really soft clay mud).

I actually almost got into a problem when my truck started sliding off the really soft edge of the trail.  It should have dried out by now.

I can't go - too much stuff to do with the my new house.


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