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--- Quote from: AZ-Ted on April 13, 2010, 10:15:32 AM ---It was completely different than last year.  
I actually almost got into a problem when my truck started sliding off the really soft edge of the trail.  It should have dried out by now.

--- End quote ---

That is what I keep hearing - it's not more difficult, just completely different. That is scary stuff when the edge starts sliding away, good idear turning back I imagine.

Thanks for the info Ted!

Great seeing you at the meeting (even though I was late and couldn't visit with everyone).  Thx for posting up have a safe trip the 'Monster X' will have no problem.  :)

bored @ work, so here are some pics from the trip  8) BTW the backroad to CK is passable (sort of), but if I still had an IFS rig on 31's with no locker - I would not drive that road. We had a full-sized Blazer with us that was open/open on 35's and he made it without issue. An IFS rig should be locked in the rear I think. Definitely got a lot more fun - I tried & cleared every optional line on the way up. Something I've wanted to do since I first ran it in 2005.  :)

HERS & HIS @ Horsetheif Lake

The view from camp

The Valley turning on it's lights

A sick hill climb that I nearly flipped frontways coming down


Did you get a chance to run Tip Top trail while you were up there?

No, we saw the start of it. From what I've heard it's pretty much just a dirt road and not much 4wd needed.  ??? From our campsite, we could see all the trails that criss-cross behind lake pleasant and the table mesa area. There was quite a few headlights at night running allover TM. Pretty cool to have a bird's eye view of the trails we have run.  8)


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