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Heading to Sedona/ Broken Arrow Trail


I will be heading ou this Sunday/Monday to do Broken Arrow.  Let me me know if any wants to hook up.  

 Its time to get some X pictures on the World Wide Web!


Sorry Ghostrider the pattern is full. 8)


--- Quote from: defibvt on April 15, 2010, 05:02:36 PM ---Sorry Ghostrider the pattern is full. 8)

--- End quote ---
BAHAHA! Funny Man!

Thanks for the invite Ghostrider!
Me, I can't go, either... BOO-Hoo.  ;D

I don't Know if my previous post is up yet do to tech. Difficulty! :(

Broken arrow was great!!! The Jeep guys did not like it... but tough! :D
The trail in my opinion was a good trail  especially for those of us that like to use our techical skills! It has been awhile since I have been challeged. (Army Days)With modest mod,  my X performed very well , to the surprise of the Jeep Guys!
Low range and actual traction to the tires were very good.  I alomost made it all the way to the top on the Devils Stair Case, then I realized that one goes down that one!
Next time Iwill be more experienced when I tackle Broken Arrow once I get a few more mods.  Is this OK Mrs ghostrider!  8)

bummer I missed it. I would have gone if I had seen this. Next time.


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