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Someone wanna give some ideas for the May meeting???

The map that you guys put your home locations on showed everyone equally spread out. So, how about a west side this time?

I'd really like to see a place that has adequate parking this time.  ::)

My idea is the Native New Yorker over by Cabela's (Loop 101 and Glendale Ave). They have a patio that is over looking the parking lot so we can not only brag about our trucks but we can point at them too.  ;D

Lets pick a location by Friday, the 23rd.

Have we given consideration to maybe either a park, or a dealership?

Yes, we have considered a park or dealership... members seem for it... toss out your location ideas so we have something to work with...

The only parks I know about are the ones that we've had prior year's chili cookoffs at (one was in central Phoenix and one was on the west side).  As for dealerships, everyone seemed to have a good time when we were at ABC Nissan back in September (Pink Heals event).

What about the park on Thunderbird just off the 101?  I don't remember the name but you can reserve a pavillion like we did in Surprise.  At least it isn't too far west and it is off a main road.


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