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Sedona & Prescott May 1st

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Tim, I'll be there.  It has been awhile since I wheeled, so this run will be perfect.  I'll probably break away after the run, so I can go see my buddy in Camp Verde.


--- Quote from: Onix on April 29, 2010, 07:43:16 AM ---I'm not sure but I might make this run. Thanks for the invite Tim. You sure you rig will fit on the trail Tim :)

--- End quote ---

Funny you say that...I was thinking about that last night, but then I realized I can just drive over most stuff (like pink jeeps) if I'm too wide  ;D.

Hope you make it, be good to wheel with ya again & Sedona is always good times  8)


--- Quote from: 08whitex on April 26, 2010, 11:16:52 AM ---I will be camping in Sedona this weekend. Aaron and Natalie might be with me also. You guys should stop by for a beer after the run.

--- End quote ---

PM me where you'll be and/or your # and I'll give a call when we roll in.

Everyone who is a tentative maybe for this trip, please let me know (post, PM, email, phone, pigeon, morse code) if you are going for sure by Friday 10:00pm. I don't wanna ditch anyone at the meeting spot, not that you can get lost going to Sedona.  ;)

meet up at 7:30am to roll out by 7:45am and get to Sedona before the Pinkies take over the trails too much.


Change in plans Amber and I will be at a different location this weekend. Maybe next time

My son has T-Ball so I can't go.  I really was contemplating it.


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