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Just a reminder that this years event is August 7-8th.


Thanks for the heads up Marshall.

If you have never been to the Fat Tire/Toys 4 Tots event, it is a kick a$$ event that we volunteer our trucks & time at in conjunction with SWANKy. We provide SAG (stop and go) support along the 65mi course for the bike riders. There is a raffle and a fajita dinner provided afterwards. breakfast Sunday is also provided, if you are awake after a night of drinking FREE New Belgium beer.  8)

All proceeds benefit Marine League Charities & Flagstaff Toys 4 Tots. The Nissan crew has been involved in this event for many many years. Last year we had something like 23 trucks & donated nearly $1000 as a group; in addition to all the raffle tix purchased... It is always good times.  8)

Most people head up Friday afternoon, camp then work the event Saturday, camp, then head out Sunday morning. Mark your calendars and ask your boss for a Friday afternoon off.  ;)

Date is saved as a definite, although my attendence will be determined by the status of the new addition to the family arrival is pushed up or still toward the end of August....

I hope to pass on the Critchley name........

Think they will fill an igloo water cooler full of beer this year?

I already took the 8th and 9th off to make this event. We are going to camp one extra night on our way back home.

Hey Marshall, were you able to find out about becoming an "official sponsor" of the Fat Tire event?  It would be cool if we could get a little more exposure for the club (on the t-shirts).  Like T-Ray mentioned, we raised a lot of money last year, so I would think we would be able to duplicate that this year.


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