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My new Off Road toy

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Sold the 4Runner so I could buy this:

2006 Yamaha Raptor 700R.  Pretty much stock right now, but have a few tweaks planned once I've learned to ride it a little better.

Nice Roger!  Be careful with the racing quads - those things are fast.

x2 on the use w/ caution :o . You'll get tippy quicker than you ever did in your SUVs Rog.. Have fun though too  :)

Nice!  Old neighbor had one just like it only gray in color.  He did a few mods to it and it was faster that GREEZZZZZZED Cat poo!

It's fast - yes.  But it's not a high revving racing quad like the 450's.  Not that this couldn't be raced of course, but it's more for exploring trails and forest roads up north when we go camping, plus some trail riding around town.  Just couldn't really afford a Sportsman type model - which sell for an extra couple of thousand over what I paid for that thing.  Wanted to be able to keep up with my friends Predator 500 :)

Wanted EFI so I didn't have to screw around with re-jetting for different altitudes.


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