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June Meeting/Pot Luck Friday the 11th at 7PM Conundrum's House

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Added by Conundrum:

Meeting at my house this Friday at 7PM. Kinda last minute and of the emergency type. Be there if you want to have a say in what the Club continues on being as. I hope all dues paying members will show and voice their opinions, thoughts and concerns. ETA - I've decided to make this a Pot Luck so bring a dish or just eat what I'm providing. Thx!

Thank you all and see you here.
PM For address if you need it.


Where does the time go!!??!!  Are we having a meeting this month?  I know there is a bunch that we all need to discuss with Fat Tire, and planning future Xcursions.

This and the coming months are tight for me, with vacations, and planning for the new arrival in August.

I can't make this month's meeting (assuming it will be held on this Friday).  Have fun and please post up what was discussed, so everyone can stay in the loop.

So no June meeting?

What, no June meeting..what the heck???? ;)



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