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Payette Draw

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Location: Payson, AZ
Difficulty Rating: 4.0+
Minimum Requirements: 33" tires, front & rear recovery points, belly skids, sliders, 1 traction device (LSD or locker)

Trail can be completed in 3-4 hours with a small, well-built group.

What kinda trail did you take me on!

For the final obstacle "Filter", you'll need a winch to get up. Or 40's and a solid axle w/ low gears..

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Sounds extreme

Great place I found to conform your factory skids to whatever they're protecting....!!!   :o

Didn't make it all the way up because at the time I had my Daughter with me sleeping in her car seat. Couldn't believe she could do that. lol

Had a great time, but you'll want lockers and skids as well as tires for Payette. Even now, I  don't think I would run it again. Just too much opportunity for failure. I probably could be convinced though. lol


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