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^^Please don't let one bad experience cause you to be inconsiderate on the trails - especially Broken Arrow, and especially with the Pink Jeeps.  AZXC and the Pink Jeeps have a very good, and very long-term relationship that goes way back some 13+ years.

There will be times where you will need to pull over and/or backup, and there will be times when oncoming vehicle will have to do the pulling over /  backing up.  There will also be times when you may or may not get a wave or a thank you, but don't let that cause you to be upset or angry.

Let's do our best to exhibit good trail etiquette - even when the other vehicles we encounter may or may not be doing the same.

Well said Ted it's always a plus to be considerate on the trail you never know when you may need someone to help you out. I also have had a bad experance with pink jeeps but they have also helped me so it's a give and take. I have been on some trails where I had to back up and never got a wave or a thank you but I bet $ to doughnuts they will still help you out in a tough situation. Just rememberer to be considerate on the trial it will only pay off in the long run.

Out of all my experiences with Pink Jeep, I only ran into one bad apple. Thankfully the rest of the drivers were super nice that day and helped me forget about it and not be bitter.

Leading a group about 10 trucks long, almost to the little look out point where you pull in and pull out the same way,and backtrack to the "round about", the spot everyone lines up for the pictures at....well we are at the bottom of the little hill which is a few feet before the flat big huge open spot, and the guy wouldn't back up I told him I had 10 behind me and he was very rude, said he didn't care, and that we all had to move out of his way, and that he wasn't moving. It was a nightmare easily avoidable.

I wonder if it is all the same guy, every other driver I have encountered has been super nice, and ive run the trail many times, either way, might as well be nice to them all, no reason to make them hate other wheelers, its a great trail and we just have to make it work out with the unique company that lets people experience out sport in a unique way. I've had many questions and thumbs up when people see that daily drivers are capable of the trail. Who knows, maybe some people look into it more after and join our ranks.

That's true.  After going on the trails for quite a while and having no trouble with them, I'd hate to have such a negative attitude towards their entire company just because of one bad apple.  But I don't have a lot of contact with them, as I'm sure those who off road on those trails don't as well.  I'll leave it be, just wish after they'd be considerate for those around them, if they want it as well.

Bumping this thread, as the Broken Arrow (4x4) run is coming up soon.  This is worth a read through, but I'll summarize:  AZXC and the Pink Jeeps have had a great relationship for the last 15 years.  They help maintain the trails in Sedona (cleanups, trail maintenance, etc.), and they are a great bunch of guys and girls.  Let's do our best to continue this long-standing relationship.


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