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Pismo Beach in October ???

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I've got some vacation time in October, and I'm thinking of heading out to Californnia's Pismo Beach.  I've posted up on thenewX and clubX to find out if you can still drive on the beach.  If so, I'm going to head out there in October.

I intend to bring my dog and camp out there.  I'm also going to wheel while I'm out there (most likely hook up with the Cali guys).  Anyone else interested in this?

Sounds like a really fun trip Ted. I haven't been to Pismo since I was a little kid. Can't make this one though, 3 weeks off in September are gonna have me playing catch-up come October. Take lotsa pictures & give updates from the road when you can!!!

I have never been but some of the pictures I have seen looks like it would be a fun time

The wife and I head over there several times a year, we spent Thanksgiving last year in that area and LOVE IT!  We take our travel trailer over and stay in either Pismo, Buelton, or Morro Bay, IMO that area is the sweet spot of Cali.  As of last Nov you can still drive and camp on the beach.

Ted, the beach access point is on Grand Ave, in Grover Beach.  About a mile from the beach, at 1100 W. Grand Ave is Villa Del Mar, AWESOME Mexican and Sea food place, check it out!!

^^ thanks for the info unamused!!!

I've got vacation from Oct 15th - Oct 25th, so either weekend (Oct 16-17 or Oct 23-24) would work for me. I definitely like to wheel with you guys. Who else is interested in this run??


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