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Backroad to Crown King

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Location N/NE of Lake Pleasent
Rating: 3.0 (varies due to water & erosion)
Vehicle Requirements: 33" tires, shackle/spacer lift, plenty of food/water, front/rear recovery points, 4x4

The backroad to CK is a LONG trail. It can be run in as little as 3 hours or as long as 12 hours, depending on group size, skill level, and rig capability. At the end is the old mining town of Crown King. It is a real jewel nestled in the pines. The General Store sells drinks, food, and...homemade fudge! The Mill is a great place to have breakfast/lunch/dinner & the old Saloon serves up burger & Crown King Ale.

There have been many stories of late how this trail is no longer passable by an IFS rig - not true. 2Xplore recently drove it (most of the way until he bent a tierod adjuster, but continued on without issue). I have also taken a full-size Blazer through with 2 open diffs - no issues either. A built rig is never a replacement for good driving skills.  ;)

This trail has been graded and is not very challenging anymore.  The giant boulder at the creek crossing is gone, and you could drive a minivan through there now...

It is a bummer to see, but the emergency crews were not able to easily pass through there anymore, so it had to be graded.

Luckily, there are still a few optional obstacles that can test your skills, but the main trail is pretty tame now.

Mini Van, I don't know about that. But it sounds like the trail was made safer which is always a plus.  Since my plans to go home to Florida( Go Gators!) has been delayed (1yr)  :( It would be a run I would like to do at some point and timewith some of you fine folks. 8)
Even though I have some good practical mods on my rig, being a cheapskate, minumin damage is good thing in any ones book! ;D
But for those of you who read these threads its not as easy as you thiink it is and don't go by yourself.
Going up Apchee Trial (back way) to Roselvelt Dam there is one secting that goes into the canyon where I have witness plastic bumpers/ground effects fly away  and oil pans being cushed.
So there is no cake walk! :o

we ran this last weekend 9-16-12 and it was a really fun trail. the obstacles can be bypassed but the ones that are still there are fun and the toughest one will challenge an xterra depending on the line you take.
i made use of my skid plates and sliders on this trail.

definitely a fun trail worth doing great scenery and you get to stop at crown king and have a burger afterwords.

I took a 89 s10 blazer 4x4 up there in early 2012 with stock size tires and made it. No scrapes or nothing.  Its cake now I hear


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