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Backroad to Crown King

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Might take my dirtbike up there to confirm this weekend. Depends on if I get yard work done friday

Jeep people went up two weekends ago. Rumors were false.


--- Quote from: DBAX on November 04, 2015, 07:51:49 AM ---Jeep people went up two weekends ago. Rumors were false.

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Yep just had some buddies go up yesterday. Only change was snow on the ground.

Stoic V:

--- Quote from: PitSnipe (Kyle) on November 03, 2015, 07:15:54 PM ---Recently heard that this was shut down due to a road being washed out on someone's property. Apparently the owner doesn't want to fix the road so the BLM has shut it down.

Anyone have any insight on this?

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A mine reopened in the area, and they closed the road onto their property.  The CK road was closed for a couple weeks.  You now have to travel about 1/8 of a mile up a creek.  Best part of my last trip!!
More trail updates.  I was on 33s with sliders, and had issues on this trail. I hit my sliders a couple times.  This trail is becoming more difficult, even with good trail weather.   


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