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Location: White Tanks
Rating: 3.0
Vehicle Requirements: 33" tires, shackle/spacer lift, front/rear recovery points.

This is the second trail in the main wash of the White Tanks. Tax Collector is before and Ruler is after. This is a very short trail and can be driven by stock 4x4s. There are a few optional obstacles that make the trail enjoyable. Firebird ends at the flattened car where there is an access road and the beginning of Ruler across the way.

this trail is CLOSED until further notice  :'(

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Its been four years since this trail was updated. Anyone know if its still closed?

Hammer (Avi):
If anyone knows where this is maybe they could pin it on a google map so we could check it out.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
It says the White Tanks. I would assume the west side of the mountain. That is technically in my back yard so I think I am going to do some research and poke around.


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