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Table Mesa East

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Location: Table Mesa exit, E of I-17
Rating: 2.0
Vehicle Requirements: can be done in a stock Xterra. 4x4 recommended

This trail travels East from I-17 at the Table Mesa Rd exit through ranching territory (please close any gates as you pass through them) and ends at FR-24 just north of the Seven Springs Recreation Area. This run makes a perfect day trip with the kids for a beginning wheeler. There are several places to park streamside & picnic for lunch if you desire. Use caution as you cross the streambeds as the rocks can be slippery & offer resistance to traction.

Table Mesa Rd is exit number 236 on I-17.  The East side of Table Mesa (FR-41) requires an Arizona State Trust Land Permit.  In dry weather, this trail is easy for all 4WDs and passable in high clearance 2WDs.  During/after a rainstorm, parts of this trail can be much more difficult, as there are several different stream/river crossing points.

The eastern end of this trail connects in with FR-24 (Cave Creek Rd) at approximately Mile Marker 16.  Take FR-24 North to head to Sheep's Bridge, or take it south to head to 7 Springs Campground then back to civilization through Carefree and then Cave Creek.

This is a long shot, but if there is anyone who can show me the ropes on this trail and is available to run during the afternoons, sometime between 11 AM-4 PM or so, please let me know.

I occasionally have time in the afternoons and would love to do some easy beginner runs with someone more experienced than me.

Would love too, it is a fun trail with some great scenery and a few obstacles, this is the first trail i ran in my wife's x.  All obstacles can be bypassed.  Table Mesa also has alot of trails in a small area ranging from hardcore technical trails to basic dirt roads, that is where i practiced and built my confidence.  I can only forsee one challenge in the fact I work till 5 or 6 most days, weekends I am free however. 

Seeing how I don't work anymore I'm free all day everyday. For the most part anyway. Would love to check out that area though once I get my E-locker fixed. Because right now I have no ABS and have been driving cautiously in the rainy weather.


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