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Table Mesa East

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Just wanted to give an update:  FR41 (Table Mesa Rd EAST of I-17) is open again.  They have graded the road, and it is once again passable all the way to FR24 (Cave Creek Rd).  I took a ride out there with the quad this weekend, and it was fast and smooth.  Definitely passable in 2WD right now.

NOTE:  Road conditions can change with each passing rainstorm.  In wet conditions, this trail gets very slick / muddy and is not advisable for 2WD travel (sometimes not even 4WD).

Stoic V:
Thanks for the update.  I always forget I need that permit when I get to the first fence.

Is it possible for someone  to edit the first post in this thread to mention the  Arizona State Trust Land Permit, and maybe add a link to the site to buy them? I know the information is in the second post. Its just nice to read all relevant information in one post.


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