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Hello AZXC, I was over at Full FX Graphics today picking up some of their stickers when Eddie asked me if I have heard of a club called AZXC.  I said yes, and he told me that he has worked up some designs for t-shirts for that club.  He also has the artwork for the large AZXC sticker.  He apparently was working with Brenda, but hasn't heard from her in awhile.

Not sure if you guys are still interested in stickers and shirts, but if you are, Eddie and Joe at Full FX are great to work with.  They do all the shirts, ladies tanks, and stickers for the club called ONAZ (Offroad Nissans of AZ).  I told Eddie I would post up on AZXC to tell you that they are ready to work with the club.

From my experience, they have high quality stuff, and they have fast turn around times.  If you wanted to get something going, they could easily have it ready before Fat Tire.  Make no mistake, I am not volunteering to do this.  I am merely passing this information on to the club.

16 views?  Surely someone has to have an opinion on the subject.  I know that we talked about this at one of our earlier meetings (Feb or Mar?).  What say you?  I don't think we actually have any stickers left, so any new members would be out of luck.  We could go the route of ONAZ, and just let people buy their own stickers directly from Full FX's sister company called Sticker Place (in Metrocenter, and in Arizona Mills), but we would get better pricing if we did a "group buy" if you will.

So, does anyone want to share their thoughts on this topic?

I am 1 of the 16 views, Ted. Sorry for not replying earlier, I know how that is as a topic starter. Anyway...I have the original artwork files for the last run of T-Shirts and the 1st run of stickers that Fast Signs did (VERY high quality), I don't care where or who makes our stickers and shirts. The place that made the last shirts was Sportswear Xpress in the east Valley. I thought they did a fine job, plus the set-up fee has already been paid - meaning the next run (if we go there) will be significantly less expensive per shirt.

I think the 'old' T-shirt design with the 1st Gen & 2nd Gen was pretty baddass. That's my .02.

Agreed the original stickers were badass, as were the shirts.  I was just merely passing along info to the club about what FX Graphics told me.  I was in there talking to them about ONAZ stuff, when they mentioned AZXC.

Not sure how AZXC would go about deciding if/when to get stickers and/or shirts made up now that it is an internet-based club.  I guess all proposals and voting would be done online??

I think that voting would be online in the form of a poll. We can post up images and vote. I have set-up a Paypal account for the club that we could use for people to purchase swag.


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