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Lower Terminator


Location: Table Mesa (west of I-17)
Rating: 3.5
Vehicle Requirements: 33" tires, sliders/skidplates, 1 locker

This trail can be much more difficult when water is present. If water is deep trail rating would jump to 4.0 & will swallow 35" tires. A solid 3.5 trail when dry. Small groups are best for this trail.

Totally agree with this writeup.  There was one spot where I had to take a strap (I didn't want to needlessly chew up my tires or blow my diff).

Ran lower terminator yesterday. Figure I would chime in. 33" tires, full skids, sliders are absolutely required. With a 3inch coil lift I was slamming my skids constantly. I was able to make it through with no real issues but I did put my rear quarter into a rock, twice. Body damage is highly possible.

Cool Andrew, who did you run with?

Couple jeep guys from work. Their rigs were far more capable than mine, but they all said at the end they were surprised how well my truck did.


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