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TOYS FOR TOTS Official Xcursion Thread Aug 6th-8th

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Need an updated roll call.  Spouses too.  THere will help need this year at end camp if anyone is interested.  I'll be there helping with the cooking...


Added by Conundrum: Stone, let me know if anything needs changed or you should be able to change this post as needed.


Fill up your GAS TANK in Flagstaff

Start Camp

HWY 180 North (NW) out of Flagstaff. It's about 7 miles to the turn off on your left (FR 222).

It is just after a long straight portion of road as you pass Fort Valley and the last of the houses and just past a street that is Bader on the left and Roundtree on the right.

If you pass FR 151 on your right you went to far.

You should also see a bright yellow sign with red letters that say Toys For Tots etc. at FR 222. Or you can look on a map for HWY 180 and 222. There is a sign post there that will have glow sticks on it from dusk to whenever.

So it's like a mile a so down FR 222 and there is camp.

If you get there after sundown PLEASE BE QUIET. The party is the next night.

If you want to go to end camp and come back EARLY in the morning, PLEASE CHECK IN WITH ME at start camp.
Those directions are

Hwy 180 to Hwy 64, North (right) on 64 for aboput 22.5 miles.

Right on FR 302 There is a "scenic view" sign right before the turnoff.

Fr 302 about 9 miles to a fork with 301A

Right on 301A 1-1.5 miles to camp.

All folks going to end camp must be at SAG 1 BY 7 a.m.


Dinner Friday night.

Saturday Breakfast and lunch, water etc.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that you are there solely to assist riders. DO NOT DRIVE your truck when there are riders present, pull over and wait AND DON'T TAILGATE riders.

I would venture that they would like SOBER PEOPLE driving riders, because if you are driving riders it probably means it's raining and muddy.

You are part of a great event that RAISES MONEY for TOYS for TOTS (Fat Tire is just a sponsor)and I and the Dirty Girls thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!!

Added by Conundrum: It has been noted that there will be a strict dog on leash policy this year so if you don't have to bring the pooch, they might be happier at home.

Added by Conundrum:
This year's event will be held Friday Aug 6th through Sunday the 8th.

Toys for Tot's with the generous sponsorship of Fat Tire Beer is holding it's annual fundraser with a 65 butt-pounding mile crosscountry bike ride.

AZXC as well as Swanky participate in support of this event by being staged along the course to help any rider who may need it.

This year could be the one to prove muddy, so be prepared for passengers and their bikes, etc. Be prepared for rain, etc.

It'll be a ton of fun so hope everyone can make it. Please plan to buy plenty of raffle tickets, or help with the group donation that we'll be gathering. Last year we were able to collect about $1,000 bucks to give. Every little bit counts. We do have the Paypal account up and running at, but there is of course a fee for the service.

There will be additional details of where we'll be located as the event nears. Please Post in a new Thread your plans for caravaning up so you don't have to travel alone. I'll be going up Friday to arrive hopefully before dark. I'll post more of my plans in a separate thread when I've nailed them down and anyone is welcome to accompany us if you don't mind arriving with a Jeep. Had to toss that in there Scott. :) lol

That's all for now, thanks!

I'm still in.  I'm bringing my dog this year.  As a result, I will not be able to help out at end camp.

Brittany and I are going


--- Quote from: Conundrum on July 13, 2010, 08:43:35 PM --- me being around food and beer is probably not a good idea. LOL

--- End quote ---

Ah don't ever drink beer @ Fat Tire   ;)  You're always the 1st one up Sunday morning bright-eyed and bushy tailed.


I'm in for the 2 (got a friend who's going to sit on the trail with me and drink beer all day). Can I get a DUI out here?

Will also probably go up Friday prevening and stay through Sunday morning ('cause I'm going to partake in the festivities Saturday night). Plan on camping. Can't wait.


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