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TOYS FOR TOTS Official Xcursion Thread Aug 6th-8th

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Hooray!!! I keep the Critchley name!  Might need to change my screen name.......

Rat finks!  Love it!!!


--- Quote from: defibvt on August 08, 2010, 05:29:35 AM ---It was a good trip overall.  A few minor difficulties with the the Heep but it made it home under its own power.  I owe a big thaniks to Marcus and Brittany (regular spelling) for the infinite patience when my Heep decided to quit running and they picked me up.  I also Adam thanks for his patience and willingness to leave end camp immediately to go get my Heep.

--- End quote ---

Good to see it made it home without being towed. As for the patience I am just happy that we happened to be coming up the highway when we did and was able to see you stranded.

Was a good time glad to see everybody that was able to make it out.


--- Quote from: Stone on August 09, 2010, 06:40:53 AM ---Thanks everyone for coming out, bit of a fustercluck there when they stopped it but we ended up having a great night at camp once the rain stopped.

Scott and Adam your shirts are on their way to you...

No new Critchley but we had a new "Todd"

The Goldfish Massacre lived on yet another year!

Thanks again!

--- End quote ---

Got the shirt Marshall. Thank you.


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