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TOYS FOR TOTS Official Xcursion Thread Aug 6th-8th

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Adam at Fat Tire 07

It's gonna be a real last minute decision for me I'm afraid.  Will depend how the 6 month pregnant wife is feelin that weekend as to if I will be able to go up with my daughter or not at all.  Wifey doesn't wanna be subjected to torture by seeing all that beer and not being able to drink it :)

Nice Floss Adam!

Hey boys and girls!    I'll be attending this year too, so count me in!  I plan on camping at the beginning of the course again this year night 1, then end camp night 2.  I can't WAIT!

*EDIT:  Just heard from Jason (jasonazx) and he too will be showing up with the 80 series.   - Rock On -

It will be good to see you Preston. :)


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