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4 Peaks Road

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Location: NE of Fountain Hills off Hwy 87 (eastside)
Rating: 1.5
Vehicle Requirements: can be done in a stock SUV. 4x4 needed when water/snow is present.

Great day trip on a well traveled dirt road. Drive it to the end and the views are pretty good. Many, many side trails to explore if you wish. be mindful of the dirtbikes, atv's, and target shooters in the area. If you venture out there, take along a trash bag and fill it up - this area needs all the help we can give it.

^^I definitely agree.  RJCX and I just drove 4 Peaks road from SR87 to the 188 (near Roosevelt Lake).  It is a very fun and scenic drive that in dry conditions any 2WD truck/SUV and all 4x4s can make.  In wetter weather, 4x4 becomes a necessity.

We ran most of this trail in the dark, but with some light from the moon.  The elevation on top is approx. 5,400ft.  From that vantage point, we could see the city lights waaaay off in the distance.  I can only imagine the views during daylight.

We opted to take the 188 back the the 87, but another way out would be to take Apache Trail through Tortilla Flat and out to Apache Junction.

I went all the way over the road about a couple months ago and it was great. It get VERY sketchy on the way down, since it was turning dark and there was some very slick snow/ice on the road (about 2"). Without 4x4, it would have been much worse. I'm planning on doing a night run this spring when I mount up some lights and the snow melts.

Best driven during late spring or fall.

This was 6ish weeks ago (maybe more)

What's the easiest way to get there from Mesa?  I am only 2WD, will I have any issues?


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