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Bikini Car Wash - Sat. Jul 24th

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Anyone else have a dirty truck that they need to get clean??  The girls at the Grill Next Door can help!

That's right, a bikini car wash will be held at the Grill Next Door on 44th St and Thomas.  The car wash goes from 11-3:30. 

I'll be there at 1:00 PM.

So, anyone else want to join me?  It would be cool to fill their lot up with Nissans!

I forgot to mention:  the proceeds of the car wash benefits the 100 club.  The 100 club is a great organization that helps police officers and firefighters and their families when tragedy strikes.


So far, the following people have expressed interest in the car wash:

Nissan4Wheelers (N4W): Sandbag Johnson, datz510
thenewX: 08whitex, fangars
NissanOffRoad (NOR): Inyourface1650, brutus
TitanTalk: 08pro4X2486, rynomx785, TiTAN-

That is not too bad, but I know we can get a bigger turnout. C'mon people, this is for a good cause, and you get your truck cleaned - what could be better? Oh wait, I know, have the people cleaning your truck wear swimsuits! Now, that's what I'm talking about!!!

AZXC: this thread has been read quite a bit, but no one is posting up.  Are you all busy this weekend?

I might try to make it but I would have to be there earlier in the day

^^ no love for the fuzz?  I've got respect for anyone that puts their life on the line each day they go to work - not knowing if that will be their last day on earth.  Plus, I like bikinis!!   ;D


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