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Want to learn what is really going on with the club?  Become a Supporting Member and you'll be able to "see" the Supporting Members area of the forum.  This is the area where club business is discussed, so you will miss out if you are not a Supporting Member.

I just became a Supporting Member.  The process was really simple and painless:  I clicked on the "donate" button on the upper left corner of the forum page, and paid via paypal. If you're not down with paypal, but still want to donate, contact Hammer or Rob for alternative payment methods.

Hope to see you in the Supporting Members area soon! As a thank you, Supporting Members receive their choice of patch or club decal with their donation every year!

pinchel (Rob):

Don't miss out! Supporting Members are eligible for other exclusive perks during events and excursions, and you have a say for business matters of the club.

I went through and cleaned up our 2017 Supporting Members on paper. We have not modified anyone's account status yet, so if you are on the chopping block, this is a good time to renew for the year. Make sure to renew before 2/18 because supporting members will have a chance to win some good stuff if you are present.

pinchel (Rob):
We are now up to 36 supporting members for 2017. For those of you who have gotten back to me, your patches/decals are reserved. For those who aren't going to be at the upcoming Meet & Greet I'll be sending them out this week.

Hay Rob when is my dues do

pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: remo1991(Brent) on February 08, 2017, 10:20:50 AM ---Hay Rob when is my dues do

--- End quote ---

Be sure to check the supporting members threads for updates, but you are good until June 2017.


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