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Saturday late afternoon/evening run?

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Short notice but my plans for Saturday afternoon have opened up. 

Thinking something East Valley short and sweet but don't want to go at it alone.

No real plan just want to get out, so open for suggestions/ideas.

What time you thinking? I might be down, but have a BBQ to be to around 6pm. Saguaro Lake is close-ish and can be a short or long trip.

Or maybe cruise out to 4-peaks and drive that for a while. Either place will be a good place to watch any monsoon activity.

ETA: Saguaro Lake/ Coves would be 4wd required & 4-peaks would be 2wd stock Xterra friendly.

I'm up for it.  I'll be at the car wash earlier in the day, but will definitely be able to meet up.  Just tell me when and where.

are there parts of Four Peaks are 4WD?

I have not run Four Peaks other than the Clean up Areas so not too familiar with the trails.

Saguaro is always fun.

I am up for either, so if any 2WD members or lurkers wish to go Four Peaks would be best.

There are some places for 4wd on 4-peaks. Especially as you get farther on up the road. There are some fun little side areas.

We're not 100%, but it sure would be fun to get out with you guys. I am torn between 4-peaks & Saguaro. If we go 4-peaks, then we take the 2008 with A/C and Lindsey will go. If we go Saguaro, I'll be rolling in the 2001 sans A/C, but have fun stretching it's legs.  ;D

If you are reading this and lurking an/or have a 2wd - post up or PM if you wanna get out. 4-peaks is VERY friendly for stock 2wd SUV's. We'd love to have ya along.


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