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AZXC T-Shirt Ordering Deadline Sept 6th

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This thread is ONLY for ordering or asking specific questions about the T-Shirts. Shirt color is up in the air right now. My vote is Light Gray. We will get higher quality shirts than last time with smaller neckholes for all you pencil neck kids out there  ;) They will also be preshrunk/shrink resistant for those of us who are Giraffe-like in height & don't like to show off our 6-pack. If you have a color you would like other than Gray, LMK.
Here is the design, same as the run we did a couple years ago:

Back design

Front left chest design & current sticker

Price per shirt is going to be $15. No discount for buying multiple shirts.
This will be pre-order/pre-pay only.
If you want one - POST UP your size and how many you want.
Turn around time is about 1 week.
Payments can be made through Paypal or send a check to me or Adam (PM for address).

No problem.

I'll take an XL and a M.

I will call Monday about women's shirts or tanks if there is interest.

Anyone else??? Going once....

T-Ray                    XL, M
Conundrum             L
RJCX                     XL
dezurtrat              XL

I will not be ordering extras as in: 'I'll just wait to see what they look like then buy one if there are any extras'.   ;)

XL for me.

No money, no xterra.


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