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Saguaro Lake Coves

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Location: Saguaro Lake
Rating: 2.5
Vehicle Requirements: a stock 4WD Xterra can make it with good driving. Aggressive tires and some suspension lift is recommended though.  8)

The Coves is a a huge area of many many trails out by Saguaro Lake. It is made up of a series of washes and ridges that border the lake. Fun area to play around, test out new mods, take pictures, and hang by the lake. Most trails are easy, but some of the hill climbs can be chalenging and provide a decent pucker factor.

The Coves can be a really fun place to wheel / learn what your vehicle is capable of.  But, please take at least one more vehicle with you, and preferably go with someone who knows the area.  There are so many trails out there that it can be easily to lose your way if you are not familiar with the trails.  Also, there are some tippy spots that can give you trouble if you are not prepared for them.

To get there:  Take SR-87 (aka Beeline Highway) to Bush Highway.  Go East on Bush Highway a few miles until you see the turn off for Butcher Jones - this road dead ends at a big parking lot near Saguaro Lake.  Continue about 3/4 of the way through the parking lot until you see a Green Gate on the right hand side.  Go through the Green Gate and cross over the cattle guard.  You will now be in the wash.  Air your tires down (personally, I like 20 PSI), and get ready to have some fun.

There are many coves out at Saguaro Lake, and I've been to the first 5 coves in my Xterra.  Some people choose to go to the first three coves and then turn around.  Others choose to go to the 5th cove, and then head north along the fenceline.  That trail will take you to 4 Peaks Road.

Do you think 2WD will make it ok to the first cove??


--- Quote from: stickywater on January 15, 2015, 12:38:03 AM ---Do you think 2WD will make it ok to the first cove??

--- End quote ---

It depends on the amount of sand in the washes.  I've pulled out quite a few 2WDs in the wash on the way to the first cove.  Bring a tow strap, and a friend with a 4x4.

awesome, thanks for the info!


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