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Shipment from Shrock

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Just talked to Jim at Shrockworks to get an estimate on delivery for my sliders and diff cover. Eight to 10 weeks, but maybe be shorter. He says they are working their butts off to shorten the time. This brand is not for people who like waiting. It is for patient people. I am going to pretend that I am a patient person. I'm going to brainwash myself. I can wait. I can do it!

You'll like your product, I did. Gen 1 rocks, never had to wait more than 2 weeks.  Dammit, where's the middle finger smiley?! ;D

Looking for this?


WHAT!!!!  :o
I just got this email from Shrock that says that they are sending out my diff cover today!
Must be a spoof.

I've been waiting for my Shrock Rear Bumper for 2 months. Called shrock and they stated another 4.5 weeks to go.


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