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Backroad to Crown King - August 29th

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Sometime late August or early September. So far AZ-Ted, myself, and 1 other Nissan guy from NOR.

Just post up if you're interested. Date and time TBD soon...

Not sure if you can make it with your rig or skills? Look here for trail description:

Hey Tim, how does Aug 28th sound?  It is the last Saturday in August.

Uh oh...looks like we may want to reconsider our August 28th plan....

The AZVJC is having their annual CK run that day. We may want to go Sunday the 29th or leave even earlier than planned. Thoughts?

I can do Sunday.  I like the Jeep guys, but I don't want to be in a 200 truck cluster.

Title changed. AUGUST 29th it is. Airdown and ready to leave by 7:00am???

Looks like 2 trucks for sure and 2 possibles.


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