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Sheep's Bridge - October 2nd

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Now that the weather will be cooling off, I'm going to head over to the Sheep's Bridge on the Verde River.  You can get there 3 different ways:

1.  East side of Table Mesa (FR41) east to FR24 north to FR269 east to Sheep's Bridge.
2.  Cave Creek Road to FR24 to FR269 to Sheep's Bridge
3.  I-17 North to Bloody Basin Road (FR269) east to Sheep's Bridge

With the exception of the 1st riverbed crossing (which was washed out back in Feb), option one is totaly doable for 2WD vehicles without any assistance and minimal tire spin.  Options 2 and 3 are totally doable for 2WD vehicles.

My preferred route is option 1 because it is the most scenic, and there are some optional obstacles along the way for the 4x4 guys (although nothing too challenging).

So, who is up for this run?    EDIT:  Run is October 2nd.

EDIT2:  We are meeting at Table Mesa Rd and I-17 (on the east side of the freeway) at 9:00AM.  We will air down, and roll out by 9:30 at the latest.

Here is a pic from the last time AZXC went to Sheep's Bridge.  It was July 2008, and the temp was 115F that day:

Oct 2-3 would work best for me.  Oct 9-10 I have two weddings......

I just edited the first post to indicate October 2nd (a Saturday).  This day works better for me too.

I am down I would like to see that area


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