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New Ham Rig on the way!

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--- Quote from: defibvt on July 03, 2009, 11:14:49 AM ---Anyone know Greek. Because I just got lost.  Must be the heat.

--- End quote ---

Just trying to help Scott!

It is all good.  My head cold isn't helping much. LOL  ;D

Brenda, as for antennas, radios, and such, you might want to check out Apollo Communications at 43rd Ave and Northern.  The owner is super knowledgable, and he has all kinds of HAM, CB, and Marine radios and antennas.  I bought my CB and Antenna there, and they did the install, as well.

Wow, Apollo Communications is at 43rd and Northern??? I just went to Ham Radio Outlet yesterday at their new location at 43rd and Peoria. They could loan sugar to each other. Maybe if HRO had to move, they should have moved out to 83rd Ave instead.  ::)

Thanks for the recommendation, Ted.

Anyway, John at HRO was great. I took up about an hour of his time asking questions. We shot the chit about the truck and what would work well for it. Ended up getting a Diamond trunk lip mount for 79 bucks. I told him that I needed an antenna that was going to take abuse and that I was reading that guys on the forums seem to carry two antennas, one low pro and one tall. He suggested a 10 dollar 1/4 wave Larson, which I think is 19 inches. This way, I won’t cry to much if bust it. So I got that. This will work prefect for wheeling under trees, talking truck to truck and talking around town. I was also getting ready to walk out with a Diamond  SG 7900with 5dB/7.6dB at 62 inches which was like 110 bucks (I think). John kept looking at me and shaking his head... You’re going to bust it... He's right, I would. But boy was it pretty. I really need to see if I can something with a spring.

(Did I just call an antenna pretty???)

Wally installed the radio and antenna yesterday. Nice, clean install. But I can't get out yet (can't transmit). I startled myself awake in the middle of the night last night... "I forgot to cut the antenna! duh." So I hope that's all it is.

I'll post up install pics soon.

And I picked up a noob licensing book for anyone of you who are serious. I figured that someone would want it. I also picked up CQ and QST magazines if anyone wants to borrow them too. Let me know and I'll let you borrow them... you must be serious though.

And about licensing... like I don't have enough on my plate with Dog school and my school... I see that the Thunderbird Radio Club is having General License classes starting at the end of the month... I just might look in to that for myself. If they have general classes, I'm sure that someone 'round here would have noob (Technician License) classes too. I'll keep my ears open for that.


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