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Not an Xterra but I had one at one time.

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As many of you know I have been a member of AZXC but due to selling the X and buying a different vehicle I no longer am a member.  I do offroad but in a 74 CJ5.  Here are some pics of some of its transformation.

Its original form when I bought it.

Fixed wiring issues by Wally.

Bubba's first ride. Chili cook off at Surprise park

LED taillights with Adam's help.

Flat Fendered and all the same color.

New winch front bumper with stinger.  It will have a winch on it too.

Sliders that will be put on soon.

There is more to come but the body is tweaked by the previous owner's boyfriend.  He installed it incorrectly and after last year's Fat Tire and the bumpy trail I went on, it all got tweaked.  Now being fixed.

All metal bending and burning is being done by Doc aka Milton Pugh at Stone Soup Metal Works. 

Looking good Scott!

Thanks Ted. 


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