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2011 Xmas Party/Meeting Dec 17th @ 6PM

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----------- UPDATE ------------                          ----------- UPDATE ------------
If you need an address or directions, etc, please contact Robert or myself.
Adam 623 - four 5 1 - eight nine 3 4 See you all tonight!

The Date has been decided upon and is the 17th. Line up for the light parade by 6:PM and the party is at Roberts right after.

If you have an inverter and some spare xmas lights, decorate your X for the parade.

BYOB - But please be responsible. Additional important information below the map:

Location: Website
Loop Of Lights
 Waverly Subdivision @ Pecan Creek South
 San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
Google Map

This event will also be considered an official meeting of the AZXC Club Members (those who've been voted in per the By-Laws and current on their dues) participation of non-members or those who are eligible to be members is encouraged.

Topics to Discuss:

* 2011 Year review
* Vote on Eligible Members
* 2012 Planning
* Handout of the Reflective stickers for those who already have one, otherwise they come with the Dues or a Donation to the Club as discussed on the forum in the Supporting members section.
* Leadership (who wants to be president, when/where are we going to vote?, etc)
* Financial review (what to do with the treasury from dues and Ad Revenue -)
* T-Shirts, use current artwork or create new, etc.
* Sponsorship of GONE - Marcin who's going is the one leading this.
* Pay for lunches at the Jan Meeting needs to be approved.
* Dues - 2012 will be collected in January (Excluding those who've pre-paid), at 6-Months Dues will be reduced to 12.50 and we need to vote on whether to give a sticker with that donation. I installed a Subscription thing that'll hopefully take care of all the processing via paypal if that's easier.  
There's plenty more I'm sure so I hope we get enough people commited to make 2012 a great year and bring this club back into the activity level it has enjoyed in the past.


Ted's original Message below - Thanks for starting the discussion Ted!

Hello AZXC, I know it might be a little early to think about having an AZXC Xmas party, but I figured this would give us time to sort out the details.

What do you guys and girls think about having a party this year?  Instead of having it at someone's house, we could hit up a restaurant, or maybe do it at a hotel.

Just throwing some suggestions out there, but I think it would be cool to get the AZXC Xmas party going again (we missed the last few years...).

Party I am in!

In, just depends on the day it is scheduled.

I'm in!  I'm good with either restaurant or someones house..........

I know that i've thrown it out the past few years about my community party around christmas that you are all welcome to come out to......I will have to find out the date so that maybe we can drive aournd the neighborhood with trucks all lit up.......afterwards we can hang at my house for drinks and food.


--- Quote from: Conundrum on October 30, 2011, 09:33:23 PM ---Robert, did you get that date for the party?

--- End quote ---

December 17th is the date for the light parade. Line up starts at 6PM at the school about a block away from my house. It will more than likely be a short parade and then we could drive through the Loop of Lights all lit up as well and head back to my place to hang out.

December 10th is the kick-off party.  this includes hayrides around the loop and a stop at my house for free pictures with Santa. A.S.U.Hondo came out last year and got pics of his Kiddo with Santa. My home is open to all then as well on this day.


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