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Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Offroad 4x4
Color: Silver

Top of The World Trail - GoneMOAB 2013:

Photo courtesy AZ-Ted:

Here are a few pics of my X from 2011's goneMOAB event:

Photo courtesy Sexy6chick:

Photo courtesy Sexy6chick:


Xoskel Full Replacement Rack (
(4) KC 69 series lights in front - 100W Floods and 100W Pencil Beams (
(4) KC 26 series in back - 55W White and 35W Red (
(2) 7" HIDs on Bumper (
(2) PIAA Amber H11 Fog Light bulbs - part #13511 (
(2) Rigid Industries Dually Floods - mounted as rock lights (
Quick Fist Clamps for shovel and axe (
Trasharoo (
Yakima Spare Tire Mount - used for 2nd spare tire on Xoskel Rack (
Gobi Ladder w/heavy duty lift struts - for shrockworks bumper w/swing arm & hi-lift (Group Buy from Kneebuster on thenewx)
Airflow Snorkel (from
Trico 14-B Rear Wiper (

Armor: (
Shrockworks Front Bumper with hoops
Shrockworks Rear Bumper with swing arm spare tire carrier, Hi-Lift Mount, CB antenna mount
Shrockworks sliders (stock height)
Shrockworks skids (full set powdercoated gray)

2" Body Lift from Automotive Customizers (
Radflo 2.5 coilovers with Eibach 600# coils (
Custom AAL (2 full size leafs on each side) from Dunbar Spring in Phoenix, AZ
Rear Radflos - extended length (
PRG Adjustable Shackles - (

Titan Swap:
PRG Titan UCAs (
Stock Titan LCAs (
M205 Titan Front Diff (
Titan Axle Shafts (
Extended Tie Rod Ends (
Extended Front Brake Lines (
1.5" wheel spacers - for rear wheels (

Wheels and Tires:
(5) Procomp Wheels (from Penski61)
(5) LT 315/75/R16 BGA MT KM2s (from Penski61)

Uniden Pro520XL CB (from Apollo Communications in Phoenix)
Wilson 5000 Antenna with 5' whip (from Apollo Communications in Phoenix)

IPOD connector for RF Stereo - PAC AAI-NIS2 (ebay)

Scan Gauge II - for reading my own DTCs (
OTRATTW Switches - for all my lights (
DieHard Platinum - Sealed AGM battery (
Hood Rod Mod - Thanks USMC Xterra and CMHX (

Front Diff (M205) - Amsoil 75W-90
Rear Diff (M226) - Amsoil 75W-140
Transfer Case - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Transmission - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Power Steering - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Engine Oil - Amsoil 10W-30
Radiator - Stock Nissan Coolant
Brakes - Stock Nissan Brake Fluid

Future Mods:
Dual Battery, OBA, Winch, Air Horns, Rock Lights (for the rear)

Cool pics Ted

Here is a more recent picture with the 35s (315/75/16s):

Here is my new DD / tow vehicle.  The X will become a trailer queen now:

I like it Ted.


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