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2012 AZXC Kick Off Run (Sunday Jan 1, 2012)

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Since everyone is going to be busy over the next few months with the holidays, I figured we should start putting together our 1st trail run of 2012!

I was thinking we can run Florence Junction (there are a few easier trails out there) for the first run of 2012.

Post up if you are planning on attending!

FYI there will be a sticker designed for this run, and the graphic will be coming shortly!   ;D See Below

Meeting Time : 0930-1000
Place : Basha's Grocery Store Parking lot in GOLD CANYON!  We roll out of there at 1000!


* 11Pro4X| Marcin | 2011, Silver Lightning, Pro4X
* T-Ray | Tim | 2001 Xterra Crawler Edition
* sunny1881 | |2007, Night Armor, S
* aboussu | Aaron | 2008, Night Armor, S
* Critchley | Robert | 2009, Night Armor, OR
* Ryan Hatter | Ryan | 2007, Golden Yellow, S
* coatimundi | Ben | 2007, Midnight Blue, OR
* deadpilot | Jason | 2007, White, 4x2 Titan Swapped S
* AZXterra410 | Andrew | 2010, Black, OR
* AZ-Ted | Ted | 2006, Silver, OR
* unamused | |
* Terron07 | |
* jddirty | |

* Conundrum | Adam | 2003, Silver, XE (almost definate :))
* Fangars | John | 2005, Granite, S
* timh| Tim | 1st gen, Silver
Here is the sticker for this run!

Map to Meeting location:,+Gold+Canyon,+AZ+85118&hl=en&ll=33.367775,-111.47634&spn=0.008584,0.013711&sll=33.366359,-111.475654&sspn=0.008584,0.013711&vpsrc=0&hnear=5310+S+Superstition+Mountain+Dr,+Gold+Canyon,+Arizona+85118&t=m&z=16

I am up for it.  As long as it is before the 12th.


--- Quote from: defibvt on November 03, 2011, 09:33:07 PM ---I am up for it.  As long as it is before the 12th.

--- End quote ---

Sweet I am hoping its on Jan 1, to kick off the new year right!   :o


--- Quote from: Conundrum on November 03, 2011, 10:06:00 PM ---I like that, I don't think we've ever done a New Year Run. Sucks it's on a Sunday, but I might be able to attend so put me down as a maybe.

You just gonna meet up after the gate on the Butcher Jones Rd so you don't need the parking permits that you can't buy there anymore?

--- End quote ---

Meet up at the Chevron across the street from the casino, and then head out. 


--- Quote from: Conundrum on November 03, 2011, 10:32:17 PM ---OK, we'll modify the first post of this thread with the exact location/Time and a map when we close.

Reminds me of the good old days, drink all night and go romping in the morning! Hangover and all! ;D

--- End quote ---

That's when the best stories are created!   :o 


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