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Chili Cookoff - March 24, 2012 Kiwanis Park Tempe

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March is usually the Chili Cook-Off / Meeting.  So start planning for that folks its only 3 months away!

Date : March 24, 2012
Time : Noon (1200)
Location : Kiwanis Park Tempe AZ

OK AZXC, we should start planning when / where we want to have this year's chili cookoff.  I think a local park is much easier than trying to offroad with your chili.

EDIT:  I believe this is the 6th Annual Chili Cookoff, and it is one of the events that actually draws quite a few members.  Last year we did it on the second weekend of the month.  For 2012, that would be on Saturday, March 10th.

If it's closer to the afternoon, I could probably make it up for a Saturday event. If it's in the morning, count me out.

I push for the 3rd Saturday in March, we won't be able to make it on the 10th...My annual spring training marathon with the Giants & my family from San Fran starts on the 9th :)

Kiwanis park in Tempe could be a good central-ish location.

Kiwanis sounds good...don't care on date....


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