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What have you done to your AZXC "X" today?

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Yup stole this topic from "another" forum.

So here goes!

Installed the Xoskel Glare Shields for my Hellas

And some shovel/axe mount that I got from T-Ray!  

BTW the Axe is Ninja of the East RED!

Changed my oil and in the process repainted my Rad and engine skids.  Oh not to mention dropped the engine skid on my nose!  Ouch!!!!

I added air to my tires, changed my oil, washed it and vacuumed the inside.    ;D

Have done a few things since the Xmas party (not that anyone could see it there due to stealthiness & darkness). You'll see it all on the 1st....

We wanna know what you did.  I at least don't wanna wait till Sunday!  Haha


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