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What have you done to your AZXC "X" today?

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Did you rivet your glare shields on?

Yes I did and they hold up great.  4 rivets per glare shield.

That's sweet. I will have to add those to my Xoskel list. I need to get those soon but cash was short last month lol.

Sold the superchips cortex and ordered a scan gauge for the truck.  139.99 on Amazon, but if you go on and sign up for their newsletter you can save an additional 5 bucks! 

Installed the ScanGauge II in my truck.  Took my Xoskel sliders to Fangar's (thanks John, and if you doubt how well these sliders perform just ask John what he saw when we took mine off today!) to get them trimmed back for the TS, and lubed up my rear leaks they were squeaking and making funny noises bad. 


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