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Feb 11 Joint AZXC/SCCX Run Rattlesnake Canyon Sand to Snow Xcursion

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OK here is the details from the SCCX Site!

Rattlesnake Canyon 2012 ~ THIS RUN IS A GO



9:00AM ~ K Mart Parking Lot  
20777 Bear Valley Rd. Apple Valley 92308.

Meet Spot Map Linky:

Look for the SCCX Club Banner and GhostX's white Xterra.

The group will be leaving @ 10:00am.

CB Channel: 17
FRS Channel:  2  Sub Channel: 24
Ham Radio:  146.520

**Please have a full tank of gas when you arrive**

 **TO THE GROUP** - for this year's run we are stating that 4WD IS REQUIRED.  

Rattlesnake Canyon ~ Moderate: ~ 25miles & 4 - 6 hours, weather permitting.  With this larger group please plan for 6-8 hours of trail time.

Starts off in the high desert washes, passes through a fun rocky, canyon, by some yucca & Joshua trees with a mine site and optional short dry waterfall climb along the way. At the burns canyon intersection were going to take 2n02 up to Big Bear. If there is water in the canyon the trail can get more difficult but still passable for stock 4x4s, while dry its easy to moderate.

This run will be diverse and offer something for everyone from easy wash running, desert fast tracks, traditional trail rides, optional rock piles, with views, mine site, landmarks, and flora to see along the way.  Please post up if you're interested, have some other stuff in mind, etc.

Reference / GPS:
Guide to Socal Backroads and 4-wheel Drive Trails: Charles A. Wells
RattleSnake Canyon #43


29 Rigs from SCCX! Plus;

AZ-Ted, Ted (He should be healed up by then)


Travel time from my house is 5 hours and 34 mins to the meeting spot!  362.42 miles. 

AZ Caravan will leave Friday sometime!

I'm in, but I won't be able to leave until later in the day on that friday (~5:00pm).

I am a maybe on this run, pending the TS which is going to take precedence over the run!

^^^ What???  you have the whole month of March to do the TS...


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