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Feb Tucson Xcursion/Camping Weekend Feb 18-19

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OK so here it is, Feb 18 and 19.

This is a 2WD/Family friendly Xcursion!

We will be camping around the Redington Pass area of Tucson and there is an extensive trail network there.  Chimney Rock, and Chivo Falls to name a few.

Arrive Saturday Morning (either a Trail run or just hang out at camp)
Sunday Morning Trail Run

11Pro4x (arriving Sat late)
AZXterra410 (arriving Sat late)

I'm good either date and plan to attend.

I will pre-run the rest of Chimney Rock Trail past the rock garden area and also this BuehmanCanyon Trail. The rest of Chimney Rock will probably be 4wd but I'll find out when I go. The front way is easy and and the rock outcropping is a fun place to play! That Buehman Canyon Trail I'm sure will be 2wd friendly but I'll pre-run it just to be sure. If we do that one make sure you have your state trust land permits(not a problem if you will already have them for the Box canyon run on the 1st). I will also grab a buddy who's been to Chivo Falls before as I haven't yet and pre-run it. After we get a feel for how many X's we'll have coming I'll scope a big enough camping spot along Redington Rd to accommodate everyone.


I will most likely attend this, though because I work saturdays until around 4:30, I will not be joining up until later. But I would love a single night of camping and a run Sunday morning.

Ben we need a location and date stat!

BTW don't lose anyone in the pre run of this.   ;D


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