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Wanted to stop in and say "HI" to everyone.  Hope to wheel with you all in the fall/winter as I go come up to my place on the Rim every weekend during the summer.  I know, I don't have a "X" but it is a Nissan.  If you ever have anything going on during the week, I'll try and stop by and meet you all.

Hey Gumybob,  good to see ya.  Fronty's are ok too.

Thanks... My place is up just past Blue Ridge Reservour, about 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix.  I have deer, Elk, squirls in my front yard quite often.  1.10 acre in the cool pines with a 30' patio.  

Yea, I am always over at N4W.

My Driveway into my place....

Same Driveway except when I bought the place...

My front yard...

This is down at the bottom of Jack's Canyon next to my place...


Nice pad . Looks like a stress free place.O to be gumybob. ;D


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