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My names Austin I'm 20 and I live in Buckeye Az
I own a 2002 Black Xterra xe v6 4x4 5 speed

Here it is completely stock

Here it is with the lights and PML

Repainted bumpers and trim

16 inch D windows with 265 75 16 GoodYear Duratracs

Sweet looking rig!!!  The Black and Orange remind me of T-Ray's rig.  Please tell me you are not a SF Giants fan like he is!

Welcome to the forum and glad you posted up a build thread!  Looking forward to seeing you out on the trails with us!

Playin around in the desert

Nope not a baseball fan really... But it's orange cuz I ride a Harley and also a KTM

But thanks for the welcome! I'm really excited to hit the trails with you guys!

Man those wheels and Duratracs really changed the look.  That thing looks bad arse.  I had Dura's on my Titan for my last tire and those things are awesome, after 30,000+ miles they still had more tread than some tires come with brand new and they were great in any type of terrain.  Welcome btw!


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