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2012 Fourpeaks cleanup

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Hi all. I wanted to remind everyone about the Fourpeaks cleanup this year. It will be held on Saturday November 3rd. Meeting time is 8AM. To find the cleanup site, travel North on highway 87 to the Fourpeaks turn off, East of highway 87 between mile markers 203 and 204 on forest service road 143. The cleanup will be staged approx 1/2 mile from highway 87 in the Fourpeaks staging area. Volunteers will be entered into a raffle which will be drawn at noon. Sponsors for the raffle include: Desert Rat, Rigid Industries, Asfir 4x4, Sierra Expeditions, Expeditioneers, and Hero Offroad to name a few. Children will also be entered into a special raffle. Please bring lunch, shovels, rakes, gloves, sunscreen, small trailers to help haul trash, and any other equipment that may be useful. This year, we need help with contractor grade trashbags. Also, maybe there is someone out there who wouldn't mind helping to sponsor lunch? If you have any questions, please PM me here or email me at
Thank you, Chad.

Going to try and make it this year depending on work schedule.  May have a good sized trailer as well.

The trailer could definately be useful, I hope you can make it.  Chad.

I missed this last year but am going to shoot for it this year.

I should be able to make this one.  Will know for sure towards the end of the month.


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