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Warranty Extension (2nd Gen SMOD Related)

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Yeah take it from Filip, this year prior to going to Moab he was doing a routine Poor Mans Flush and discovered the SMOD on his girlfriends X and I believe its been out of commision ever since...

By the way Filip have you finally gotten it back on the road?

EDIT: Saw on thenewx its in and running, congrats!

I haven't done the bypass.  I'm at 126K miles with no issues yet.  That being said, I switched to Amsoil ATF at 20K miles.  Many of the SMOD issues are with 2nd gens that originally came with Matic J fluid  (the first 3 or 4 model years).  It is very interesting that the newer models come with the reformulated tranny fluid - Matic S.  Could just be a coincidence, but maybe not.

So are you saying that the belief is the Matic J ATF fluid has something in it that is causing the break down of the bottom of the radiator where the antifeeze and ATF is seperate from each other? Meaning Matic S and/or Amsoil does not have this component that is causing premature rotting of the radiator ultimately bringing on the SMOD?

If thats what your saying, I find that hard to believe but I suppose it is a possibility.

I believe over time they are just breaking down and rotting out naturally like all parts and radiators eventually do, some obviously sooner than others but I'm not convinced the Matic J ATF is the actual culprit. Where you live I believe may be a factor in speeding up the rotting process, i.e. cold weather and snow with salt and rust build up quicker on the vehicles helping this process develop faster. Arizona aside from the small areas that recieve snow may be better for our radiators not having as many SMOD victims because of the normally hot and dry weather.

Either way Im certainly no expert just my theory and I may be way off but it seems Nissan has no answer to the actual cause either just a replacement of the same parts and if your over 80k miles you have to pay for half of it and if your over 100k well then your hosed.


--- Quote from: sunny1881 on November 19, 2012, 10:08:18 PM ---Its funny because I am less than 8 years and 80,000 miles now but already did the bypass (basically saving Nissan's a**), but I almost want to have the SMOD right now, to get a new radiator and tranny installed and then do the bypass with the new stuff installed.

--- End quote ---

how do you do the bypass? i need to do mine now

There is tons of information on the website the new X. below is the link. its super easy really.


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