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goneMOAB 2013 - May 19th - 24th 2013

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Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 19th through Friday, May 24th, 2013.

goneMOAB is a yearly wheeling event and gathering of Nissans and Nissan enthusiasts in Moab, Utah. The goneMOAB event and trail offerings are tailored to fit almost everyone: individuals, families, experienced wheelers, and those that may be a little newer to offroading. We even welcome non-Nissan drivers! If you have attended this event in years past, you are no doubt already making plans for this must attend event!

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Also check out the video made for last year's event:

This is up in the air for me. I already booked my ticket to the overland expo which cost me almost 400 bucks. Would love to just shoot from there up to moab but im on the fence. Gets expensive real fast.

I should be in again this year, hopefully you can make it Andrew and a few other AZXC guys!

Yea, been talking to the wife about it, pretty sure we will be there. The next decision is where we are going to stay. Loved the condo last year but dunno who we will stay with this time round.

Right now I'm under 50% to be there next year... Only really afford one big vacation a year, we may drive up to Oregon to see some of my family and do some fishing! We'll see though as it gets closer, I'd love to hit the rocks again!


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